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As the elephant population is dwindling nation wide, it is up to us to save and protect Cambodia’s working Elephants. Many elephants are still being used for logging, heavy farm work and tourist riding.

We seek your support in order to help Mondulkiri’s last generation of domestic working elephants retire from potentially life threatening jobs and live happily on our sanctuary.

Our team had been contacted by owners of additional working elephants interested in joining us. Currently, our program can only cover the feeding, care & medical expenses of our 5 elephants. We’re now crowdfunding in order to answer their call and sponsor the retirement of additional elephants.

We seek sponsorship in order to provide the elephant’s owners with a supportive alternative income & hire extra rangers who will watch the elephants 24/7, provide their daily care & protect them from poachers.

We hope to be able to help urgently, as safety is never guaranteed while elephants are working in tourism or in remote areas:


In april 2016 a tourist ride elephant in Siam reap had collapsed and died in front of many shocked tourists. She had suffered a heart attack caused by heat exhaustion & dehydration. While thousands petitioned for the release & retirement of the company’s riding elephants. There had been no response. Read more about her story.

Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary


Just a short while ago, Atork, a healthy bull ( male elephant ) working in tourism was shot by police as he turned aggressive after being forced to work during musth ( Male elephant heat ). This terrible accident, resulting in 1 human and 1 elephant death, could have been prevented if he was not expected to work during musth. Read more about his story.

Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary


In July 2016 a wild elephant calf had died after being caught in a poaching trap. Domestic working elephants are also an easy target for poachers, as they’re often left chained alone in the forest: Elephant tusks and teeth sell for over $1100 per kilo on the Asian black market. At least half of Mondulkiri’s domestic elephants had their tails cut off as elephant tail hairs are used in chinese medicine.

Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary

With just less than 350 elephants remaining in Cambodia today. The last generation of domestic elephants are vital for establishing a future for elephants in Cambodia. We believe they all deserve to live the rest of their lives in freedom & unthreatened peace - It's time for them all to be released from work & moved to a secure wildlife sanctuaries.

You have the power to help them - Please donate & share this campaign to release another working elephant and bring her to freedom at the Mondulkiri sanctuary! Thank you for making a difference!



Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary

The L.E.A.F forest sanctuary in Mondulkiri currently spreads covers over 100 hectares, the project protected area was donated by local conservationists and provides a secure migration and breeding zone for local wildlife.
We’re currently seeking support in order to expand the wildlife & ecotourism forest zone and connecting partially logged forest areas into a year round wildlife corridor.

With your help – We can make a difference by reclaiming abandoned farmlands in the area & continue our action against deforestation & privatization. Once secured, we will begin replanting previously logged areas in order to establish Cambodia’s first community food forest, which will grow to provide refuge, food & shelter to local wildlife as well as benefit & improve the lives of Mondulkiri’s indigenous communities.

Deforestation & unmonitored privatization ( land grads ) are one of the major threats to conservation efforts in cambodia:Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary
Forest rehabilitation by the L.E.A.F community programs:

Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary
Our volunteers helping with plating & reforestation:

Support us by booking your visit to the Mondulkiri Sanctuary

Creating new forest habitats & food supply for elephants & local wildlife: Our reforestation initiative will be creating additional secure living habitats & food supply for local the sanctuary’s elephants as well as local wildlife. Additional established protected forest & an abundance of protected wildlife areas will assist in the sustainable development of Mondulkiri province as a major wildlife & ecotourism & wildlife destination.

Creating new community sources of foodsupply and agro- forestry resources: Our plan is to re-plant a combination of native trees / bamboo & fruit trees, which will grow to become a food & resource producing forest. - Which is planned to benefit Mondulkiri’s poorest communities.

Forests counter climate change: Reforestation could potentially help to reverse the issues caused as a consequence of uncontrolled deforestation & climate change, Land erosion, water shortage and droughts, already severely affecting local wild animals as well as farmers.

WHAT WE NEED: We are crowdfunding in order to raise the funds needed in order to expand the protected wildlife corridor zone area, secure previously deforested areas around the sanctuary and begin planting Cambodia’s first community food forest.
Project funding goals: The cost of securing & replanting 10.000 sqm of forest is about $ 6000. There are hundreds of abandoned farmlands we can potentially include in our reforestation project– the new forest size depends on the funds we can raise for this important cause.

WHAT WE GIVE: The L.E.A.F volunteers community will be supervising the planting process as well as covering all reforestation labour costs. Our conservation volunteers are currently preparing tree & bamboo seedlings to be planted in the new forest area.
Each donor & supporter of the rehabilitation of new forest habitats will have a Cambodian bodhi tree planted in their named & honor.

We greatly appreciate your support & donations of any amount on order to help us reach our goal.


  • Funds are absolutely vital for maintaining the sponsorship of the sanctuary: Vetrinary care, staff & project developments.
    We would like to thank you for your kind support & generosity, allowing us to continue our work for elephants, habitat conservation & wildlife at risk in Cambodia.

    We are forever grateful to you!

    LEAF is a registered Cambodian charity, file number: RID-2040
    For a tax deductible donation receipt – contact info@mondulkirisanctuary.org

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