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A helping hand:

  • Wildlife Conservation Volunteers Program
  • Supplementary dry season wildlife feeding.
  • At the Mondulkiri elephant sanctuary:
  • Lend a hand at the sanctuary feed plantation
  • At the sanctuary information center:
  • Visit local Schools
  • In The Forest:
  • Help local wildlife
  • We invite you to join us

  •  Clean enclosures & help feed the animals at the wildlife reintroduction center.
  •  Help with planting and harvesting at the sanctuary plantation.
  •  General help at the sanctuary, write materials for the information center, making signs, wildlife nesting boxes / salt blocks etc.
  • Help the team to feed, wash & groom the elephants
  • Visit local schools with our education team & help with English classes.
  • Learn about our projects, as well as about local culture – visit a tribal “sacred spirit forest”.
  •  Lunch picnic at the Sanctuary base camp, swimming at a secret rainforest waterfall
  • Participate in community litter cleaning operations at local village.

  • Age: 18 years old and over   Requirments :fieldwork skills & fair fitness level,   Suitable season: All seasons   Contribution: small donation to cover daily expenses & . please contact us for more info

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What do I need to pack in preparation for hikes and forest visits?
Where is the Mondulkiri Sanctuary and how to get there?
Why should I choose to visit the Mondulkiri Sanctuary?
How will my money go towards conservation?
Do I need to book in advance?
Where do I book and how do I pay?

  •  Comfortable footwear for hiking ( your shoes might get wet while crossing rivers).
  • Swimming clothes and towel or sarong
  • Light, long sleeved clothing to wear during the day (best to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty).
  • A hat and sun protection. Insect repellent. Rain coat or poncho. Torch. Camera.
  •  A few changes of day clothes. Warm clothes and socks to wear at night. A flashlight.
  •  Transportation to the sanctuary, basic accomodation on or off site, 3 meals per day and water are provided. You can bring additional snack foods.


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Support us by visiting the Sanctuary.

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Join us in action and make a help us make difference.

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Follow our news posts, share them with your friends

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On behalf of L.E.A.F Cambodia’s team, we would like to thank all our project visitors & volunteers: Thanks to your support- We have begun the construction of Mondulkiri’s first wildlife emergency treatment center. Our first enclosure is almost complete and we’re currently fundraising in order to build a simple clinic and additional enclosures. We greatly appreciate all your kind help and support.