conservation tours & treks:


  •  Spen 2 days visiting the Mondulkiri sanctuary and surrounding Bunong community forests.
  •  By visiting – contribute and empower community based forest conservation & wildlife rehabilitation projects.
  •  Visit traditional tribal home and learn about local culture and traditions.
  • Trek through community forests & see mondulkiri’s diverse habitats, learn of the threats local forest and wildlife are facing
  • Comfortable overnight camping at the sanctuary’s rainforest lodge. A chance to experience the jungle wildlife after dark.
  • Learn about our projects, as well as about local culture – visit a tribal “sacred spirit forest”.
  •  Lunch picnic at the Sanctuary base camp, swimming at a secret rainforest waterfall
  •  Visit the elephants and their tribal care givers, observe natural elephant behavior as they romp through the jungle
  •  Help with feeding, washing and, caring for elephants (without elephant riding)

  • Hike level: Easy - moderate,    Family friendly: 14 years old and over   Group size : upto 12 visitors per day    Tour Code: 2D,    Suitable season: All seasons except for very wet days,    Contribution: $75 per person,   Children 14-18 yrs may join parents at half contribution

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  • Note : Time table may change according to walking pace, fitness or special requests.  Schedule can changed in case of extreme weather, special needs or other special conditions, when the river swells, swimming will not be possible.

  • DAY 1


    8.30am Sen Monorom
    Pick up from Nature Lodge or from our office on the main street of Sen Monorom (Road NH76).

    8.45am – 9.00am                   
    Drive south to the hill tribes community of Putang( 12km, about 15 minutes from Sen Monorom ).

    Part 1  ( 9.00am-10.00am )
    Team visit in Putang
    We begin with short walk through the village, and a chance to catch a glimpse of local village life.
    We then visit the home of Muan, one of the Bunong L.E.A.F community members, here we can have a look inside a traditional tribal house.

    Part 2 ( 10:00am-3.00pm )
    Trekking through community forest
    Our Bunong guide leads us through some beautiful jungle habitats with many different types of trees, flowers, vines and beautiful stands of bamboo.  You will pass by many Bunong farm clearings within the jungle.
    As we then begin descending towards the community forest. Our guide will lead us through some beautiful jungle with many different types of trees, flowers, vines and various types of wild bamboo. We will pass by many traditional Bunong farm clearings, within the jungle, where we stop to observe local crops such as cassava, chili peppers, lemon grass, highland wild rice, pineapples, pepper and cashew nut trees.
    Going through the forest, you will hear about the immediate threats to the community forests and wildlife in the area, and how our community members are working for enhancing conservation and forest protection amongst the communities, in order to reduce logging and other negative human activity in the community forest.
    There are several river crossings along the way, prepare to get your feet wet. We also visit Leng Kun waterfall, which is over 50 meters high, where we will stopping for lunch.
    We will reach the Mondulkiri Sanctuary visitor center between 3-4pm

    Part 3 ( 10:00am until 3.00-4:00pm )
    Afternoon arrival at the Mondulkiri Sanctuary
    As we arrive at the visitor center in the afternoon, we will enjoy a hot cup of tea at the sanctuary’s base camp, following this, we will then go on short sunset stroll.
    The overnight lodge and the surrounding jungle, is a good place for wildlife observation. We could get to see roaming local wildlife such as: Monkeys, Gibbons, Slow Loris, Deer, Wild pigs, Monitor lizards and various Birdlife. As well as watch a beautiful sunset from the top of the valley.

    6.30pm onwards
    After returning to camp, it is time for a shower and prepare for the night. The rangers prepare a meal using traditional Bunong method using the inside of bamboo, a meal of local tribal soup, grilled pork and vegetables (vegetarian options available). Spend more time around the campfire listening to the Nocturnal forest sounds, try to identify some of the animals we hear, before it’s time to turn in at the overnight jungle lodge.

    DAY 2

    8.00am – 9.00am
    It’s time to start the day with a camp breakfast.

    . ( 9.15am – 10.45am ): Morning hike through Mondulkiri Sanctuary, Spirit forest and the Information center.
    We arrive at the Sanctuary’s main gate, which offers some lovely views over the Romnear rainforest corridor that is now protected from logging and other negative human impact, by the Mondulkiri Sanctuary Eco- tourism project.
    We begin the day with hiking through the Sanctuary’s Reforestation Project Area. Arriving at the Spirit forest, where we will learn about the importance of protecting this special place.
    During the morning hours, there is a fair chance to observe wildlife. We will occasionally stop to observe points of natural interest and to enjoy the jungle views over the valley.
    We then start heading towards the Information center, where you get to know more about the conservation community, our project goals and see how we make a difference by developing the Sanctuary Eco-tourism and animal rescue unit.

    ( 10.45am – 12.00pm ): Sanctuary Wildlife & Elephant discovery walk.
    We will then take a relaxing scenic hike through the beautiful rainforest, while stopping along the way and looking for signs of wildlife roaming, resting or feeding in the Sanctuary’s rainforest. After this peaceful experience we will look for and meet up with the elephants foraging and being free. Watch the elephants eat bamboo, grasses and select different plant roots as natural medicine.
    Your guide will talk to you about the local elephants and their relationship with the Bunong indigenous people of Mondulkiri.

    ( 12.00pm – 2.00pm ): Secret Waterfall, lunch and swimming.
     It’s time to have lunch, rest and relax in some hammocks and go for a refreshing swim at the Sanctuary’s natural waterfall. The rainforest surrounding the falls is a good place to see wildlife and many species of birds. You will also see our renewable energy system and water pumping station.

    ( 2.00pm – 3.30pm ): Elephant pool and grooming session.
    After missing the hottest part of the day, we meet up with our happy elephants and slowly walk down to the elephant pool. Daily washing, grooming and mud bath is important to keep their skin moist, protected and healthy.
    Next, it is time to lend a hand and have fun washing the elephants in the Otey River, then give them a fresh mud coat. The elephants also love grooming each other, scratching against trees and playing in the mud. Elephant grooming session can get pretty messy! After getting cleaned up, we leave the elephants and head off to see the frontline! Between the Sanctuaries’s forest protection and rehabilitation project, battle against deforestation and farming pressures along the valley.
    We then return back to watch the elephants roaming and foraging freely, so make sure you take lots of photos of the elephants and other wildlife enjoying life in their natural environment.

    ( 3.30pm – 4.30pm ): Goodbyes, travel back to Sen Monorom.
    We say goodbye to the ellies and walk back out to our starting point, before driving back to Sen Monorom.


What do I need to pack in preparation for hikes and forest visits?
Where is the Mondulkiri Sanctuary and how to get there?
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Do I need to book in advance?
Where do I book and how do I pay?

  •  Comfortable footwear for hiking ( your shoes might get wet while crossing rivers).
  • Swimming clothes and towel or sarong
  • Light, long sleeved clothing to wear during the day (best to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty).
  • A hat and sun protection. Insect repellent. Rain coat or poncho. Torch. Camera.
  •  For overnight tours:
  •  A change of day clothes. Warm clothes and socks to wear at night. A flashlight.
  •  Transportation, guiding, lunch and water are provided. You can bring additional snack foods.


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